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Behind every Wal Mart Associate, is a story. A sad one at that. Not all are sad, but many are. I've talked to Associates many times, and I ask them, how do you like your job, most say Wal Mart sucks. Most hate it. Many long term associates wish they could retire, but can't. Many are very poor, many are hurting, many are on some kind of public assistance. Most are in debt and live in poor neighboorhoods. Most are below poverty level So, next time you buy that product made in China, which by the way, has cost you or your neighboor there job, and you go to the check out, remember that most workers at Wal Mart are suffering some kind of hardship, whether it be an economic issue, a job loss issue, a child issue or just a plain old "been at Wal Mart to long issue, or company store issue" just remember that poor Wal MArt associate who has made your shopping experience at Wal Mart a good one., They are suffering! And I'm not talking the ass Kissers like the Assistants, they do O.K. Why because they are the Ass Kissers and they have to look pretty, even though they are ugly on the inside.

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100 pure truth. I worked with them for 7 years into being fully vested, than I just walked in one day and resigned.

The sad fact is most Wal-Mart workers are great hard working people who can't afford to quit.

Its a super rich spoiled company selling off American jobs to Asia, one product at time.