Don't Drop the Soap, by Lauren May

Go to Wal-Mart for a bar of soap, and somewhere else for something that lasts.

There are not many choices when you are broke. A multi-billion dollar company with equal profits has a nice ability to keep the prices down. All the while the store across the street that sells for a dollar more goes out of business and a new “Wal-Mart family” is born. We love to scream about the economy and how badly we need more low paying jobs for our starving illegal-immigrant workers. We then forget that so many of us shoppers actually make as much if not a little less. And we petition new construction sites, saying that they will destroy our neighborhoods, only to stand in self-checkout lines as soon as they open; fuming, looking desperately for assistance when they never work.

And we always say that we are fighting the enemy, and that the world needs one less corporate entity, but in a world that runs on clearance sales, we are all our own worst enemies. But the soap we buy comes buy one get one free, and that is the beauty of selling souls cheap.

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Anonymous said...

So true. Great points made and funny. It's a little defeatist though.