Submission Guidelines

Send us your stories and feelings about Wal-Mart, based on personal experience. That's all. Do it however you'd like. So far we've had:

-personal narrative
-single sentences
-photoshop projects
-stand-up comic video

Definitely open to all possibilities. It's important that submissions be based at least somewhat on personal experience. This makes things more interesting and much more powerful. See this entry for an idea of what I mean, but don't think that it's the only way to do it, or that supporting Wal-Mart is key. It's really supposed to be about you.

Non-text submissions in jpg format. If it is a written piece, text should either be pasted into email or attached as a pdf or doc file. Avoid anything potentially inappropriate. Be sure to include your name with your submission, unless you would prefer to remain anonymous.

send submissions to:

Thanks so much!