1979 to now

Taken from a Wal-Mart manager's post on my Wake-Up Wal-Mart thread.

I maried my highschool sweetheart in 1979 after graduating and had a good job untill I was laid off. I had a wife, new child, new car, new house,and no job. I stopped by WalMart 362 in Winfield Al. and was hired the same day to start pushing carts making $3.75. I went from making $13.80 in my hold job to pushing carts for $3.75 but I was thankfull I had a job. I learned about Sam and Bud and how this was a great company and I worked my hardest. I was promoted to cashier, then Customer Service Manager, then my old job called me back making the same $13.80 paycheck. I went back but I did not quit at WalMart because of how impressed I was with the company and how the manager tried to tell me about my future. I worked both jobs for a while then asked Continental Conveyor to lay me off again so I would not have to quit. My manager at WalMart promoted me to a department manager and now after 23 years of hard work I am a Supercenter manager. My daughter just graduated the university of Alabama.I can never pay back this great company for what they did for me and my family.I love WalMart, and I am WalMart. Thank you Sam I can never repay you.

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