A Friend Of Teachers

Public school teachers get paid so little, yet have to spend so much for classroom supplies because the admin. wastes taxpayer money before it gets to teachers or students. As a teacher, I have often had to buy supplies for myself and my students. Nowhere can you get cheaper school supplies during sales than Wal Mart. A box of 24 crayons for 10 cents! Elmer's glue for 9 cents! spiral notebooks for 10 cents! Last year, I was able to supply a class of 30 kids with everything they need for less than $25. That's insane. Wal Mart is a wonderful friend to teachers!

-Matt Moskal

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Anonymous said...

What are you teaching the children in your class by giving them crayons that were made by children in China for 10 cents? I understand that as a teacher you are doing a lot with very little. On the other hand, I think that giving in to Walmarts bullying in the corporate world is no different than you watching or even aiding a bully on a playground beat up a little kid. Think about it.