The Customer Store, by Mark Lorusso

I live in Las Vegas. When people think about Vegas, they think any thing anytime, which is true. Whether I want to buy a ham sandwich or rent a tuxedo I can no matter what time of day or night. If I feel like going shopping at 2AM I just drive to Wal-Mart. There is almost everything I need, food clothes, tools and auto maintenance supplys. I have been to at least six different Wal-Marts here in town and the employees were always friendly and courteous. One of my biggest gripes about other stores is if I ask a sales person a question sometimes their reply is “I have no idea.” When I ask a sales person at Wal-Mart something, if they don’t know the answer they will say “I don’t know, but I will get who can help you.”

That is one of the main reasons I shop there, besides the great prices! Sam Walton really struck a chord with the consumer when he started Wal-Mart; he must of had the average shopper in mind. In most families today both the husband and wife work, and they sometimes still have trouble keeping afloat.

After working a good 8 to 10 hours, they don’t look forward to going from store to store for milk, shoes and prescriptions. Thanks to Sam’s idea they can go to one store and still get home in time for dinner.

Here in Vegas we have some of the most expensive stores in the world. They cater to people who do not care about how much things cost. In fact sometimes they deliberately over pay just as a status symbol. Of course this is a small group, but it is an example of how important a store with great prices and service is needed for myself and others.

Lower prices are not Wal-Mart's only concern. The environment is high on their agenda to serve the customer better. In some stores they are partnering with companies like GE to help slow global warming by selling compact fluorescent bulbs. They have set up areas to help the consumer understand how by using these types of bulbs, they save money and help the environment at the same time.

Wal-Mart has found a way to do something that is very difficult in the business world, that is to charge customers a fair price for items that they need, help the world and still make a profit. Some people do not like the “Big Box” stores, but in today’s economy it works.

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