Wal-Mart Workers Association

I just found a site with personal stories from Wal-Mart employees. Seems like the perfect kind of thing for me to link to: Walmartwork.org. Click on "Stories" to read about a few people.

Here's an example:

My name is Shirley Mack
I have been at Wal-Mart 1 year. I have been a door greeter and now I work in the deli. I join this organization to better Wal-Mart and tell other associates about Wal-Mart Workers Association because other associates have a lot of fear. When you walk in to go to work in Wal-Mart you never know if you're still hired or fired. The open-door policy is like the open and shut policy. I was hurt on the job when a rotisserie pan fell on my leg and foot. I hop around and it still hurts. Wal-Mart picked the doctors and they say nothing is wrong so Workman's Compensation won't pay anymore.

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