Great cartoon spoofing Harry Potter from Lajla LeBlanc:

Really cool artwork. Check out Lajla's website at


Anonymous said...

sooooo clever! check out the artist's website for some cool images too.

Elrond said...

AWESOME and witty as always!! . . .clever to the end!!! Bravo Lajla . . . Bravo!!!!
. . . honestly, no matter how much we like to claim we don't shop there . . . we all do or have . . . perhaps in disguise and maybe after midnight . . . love those deep DVD bins of old and obscure classics like the John Wayne movie Pack . . . or Cartoon Classics *)

a writer said...

Awesome cartoon - regardless of your beliefs about walmart, pro or con or otherwise, it's important to keep our sense of humor about it all. Lajla has other great funny stuff at her cafe press store (there's a link from her website).